Sunday, April 28, 2013

Buzzword Awesomifying

Short backstory: We have to write up the story of our team and our mission and all of our accomplishments and other stuff for the Army archives.  Instead of allowing us to write our stories in a format that fits our team and mission, the Army (true to form) requires us all to use the same format, whether we are a 3500-soldier brigade or a 10-man team.  We lovingly call that "forcing a square peg into round hole".

One such example of this is the requirement that we write down our Campaign Plan.  Unfortunately, 10-man advisor teams don't really do campaigns and so don't really build campaign plans.  So a few of us took about 15 minutes today and put together a couple sentences with as many useless buzzwords as possible.  I think it's a pretty awesome square peg:

We will create an environment conducive to the leveraging of dynamic inter-pillar networking IOT (in order to) enable ANSF synergy and develop core competencies of the Afghan Security Forces.  A cognitive approach will be utilized by fostering hyper-local and holistic lines of effort IAW (in accordance with) the Afghan-centric paradigm of the tenets of Unified Land Operations.


Jaime said...

Ready, set, synergize! Toss in "innovate", "integrate", "diversify", and "value-added" and you'll be all set!

engineeringirl said...

Put THAT on your resume. LOL!