Friday, March 22, 2013

Living Acrosque from the Mosque

So I recorded some of the local mullah's singing today in hopes of posting the song for all to hear.  Since I don't know how to post just music, I mated the music to some photos I snapped of the surrounding area.   Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos in the video.  I had to compress it to make it uploadable from here and that made the pictures pretty bad.  Anyway, the sound is still there so I guess I met the original intent.


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! You've probably only met me once, but I work at JSC with Jamie and Lauren. Hope your tour is treating you well and I'm excited ya'll are back to blogging again. Work distractions are the best. :-)

Jaime said...

Acrosque from the Mosque...
I still can't get over it! You're the dreamiest!